Better quality leads every time! No more wasting time with tire-kickers and unqualified prospects.

Generate new leads

Use the Estimator App to generate new leads into your home renovation business.

Plug & play - No coding required

Simply create a new page on your website for the Estimator App with the code we provide you and start sending traffic and leads directly to it.

Close higher quality jobs

With My Estimator App, you can close higher-quality jobs that lead to more revenues into your business

Intelligent Estimations Based On Selections Designed specifically for the home renovation industry

Prospects can now take the time to select their project requirements directly into the Estimator App and get an instant quote. The quotes will then be sent to you with their project requirements saving you time, effort, and money.

Very Easy to Set Up

Whether you are an expert or just beginning – using the Estimator App is easy and valuable to any home renovation business!

No Need to Write Code

The Estimator App seamlessly integrates with your website or landing page. Just add the script to any page!

Designed to Convert

Send an unlimited number of prospects to the Estimator App without any restrictions or limits.

Find out how My Estimator App works in this video.

You will find for informations about Leadinjection in the Frequently asked questions (FAQ) section below!

Meet Our Team The Elsabbagh brothers have spent the majority of their working careers (over 20+ combined years) in the construction and marketing industry.

Fares Elsbbagh CEO / CO-FOUNDER

Fares is the Owner / CEO of Ottawa General Contractors, a design & build firm servicing the Ottawa region. He scaled 4 General Contracting companies into 8-figure + businesses across Canada in less than 10 years.

Monty Elsabbagh COO / CO-FOUNDER

Monty worked directly with Fares (brothers) on the marketing side of the business. 10+ years of time, effort and resources went into generating high quality leads for the business until finally building an Estimator App that outperformed every other strategy.

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Our pricing is simple:

Monthly Plan

$ 49 /mo

Get started with our affordable monthly plan to try it out. One new lead from your new Estimator App can easily pay for your entire subscription.

Yearly Plan (1 month free)

$ 539 /year

Get 1 month free when you pay for the entire year subscription and get a free strategy session ($500 value) on how to maximize your Estimator App on Google Ads and Facebook for a pipeline of unlimited new leads.

Frequently Asked Questions About My Estimator App

Get the answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

Currently only the Kitchen Estimator App is available. We are in development on future Estimator Apps such as bathrooms, basements, additions, general renovations, roofing, windows & doors, garages, landscaping and custom projects. Fill in the form here to stay updated when new Estimator Apps get released for early access.
Yes! The format of the Estimator App is the same as it’s been proven to generate the highest quality leads, however, we will customize the app by adding your logo and brand.
The Estimator App is designed to give your prospects an opportunity to get a quick and easy custom quote range. The estimation is calculated based on over a decade of experience in the remodelling industry and will allow you to generate high-quality leads while giving your prospects an estimate within a range for their future renovation.
Once you sign up, we will deliver a custom Estimator App specifically for your business which you can then add to your website and start telling your prospects about. If you don’t have a website, we can help you get your Estimator App setup on a custom domain for an extra $14 per month.
If you have an existing website and traffic coming to it, you can place your new Estimator App on a visible location of your website to attract leads into it. For new prospects, you can launch campaigns on Google, Facebook, Bing, Youtube, Buy & Sell sites and more. If you would like assistance with marketing campaigns to generate new leads, you can reach out to us here for help.
All leads generated from your Estimator App will go directly to whichever email you choose and advanced integrations directly into a CRM is also possible. The leads and associated data is never shared with anyone else.
We can install it directly onto your website or you can have your marketing/website admin do it. It’s a simple embed code that we provide that simply gets copied and pasted onto your website and takes less than a few minutes.
Yes, we can schedule a strategy call to help guide you and your marketing team on how best to leverage the Estimator App across various channels such as Email, Google Ads, Facebook etc.

Renovation companies love us! Our clients are Awesome!

If you run a remodeling or renovation company, this is a must-have tool. Try it today and start generating higher quality leads.

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